Counting the eggs


When we packed Z off for competitive swimming lessons, it was largely because he liked it.

We made him wait a full year before we signed him up because of the amount of time required. It was a heavy commitment but we moderated our time investment.

The primary purpose was to train Z’s focus. If this kid could swim laps for hours, there was no better way to hone his concentration.

Imagine my surprise and delight when he started to take things competitively with himself. Less than 2 months of joining the training, Z talked to me about improving his timing. His eagerness in checking the swim times with his coach, the enthusiasm in hitting the waters and his delight in improving his timings day by day really made me feel proud of this boy.

It was definitely too early to count the eggs, but I thought to count it before this moment vanished for good. 

Of course, I secretly wished that this was the key to unlocking his inner motivation. A mom could always wish, right?


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