Free time at home 

While clearing some leave days at home, someone told me to spend some me-time. I had to think very hard on what me-time meant. I was so used to integrating everything that the only times when I felt truly relaxed was after a good massage or after I cleared my family homework of a photobook. 

Having returned with more than 2000 photos from the recent Japan trip, I had been slow, reluctant and lethargic to work on this. Namely, the trip was tiring with 6 days of skiing. It was also also contradicting to say that it was as idlyic. Anyway, looking at the photos made me feel tired and sleepy. 

I also realized I could barely get used to free time at home. Juggling the kids’ schedules meant we were so used to be on the go that I simply could not get used to hanging around. These days, I could not even make through a Korean drama. I speed read through synopses. 

To spend 5 minutes drinking a cup of tea alone was probably my best stretch. 


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