Grocery shopping today 

With the advent of technology, some aspects of life were made easier. I would not talk about the perks of online grocery shopping and the convenience it brought. 

It would actually be the Facebook businesses which offered wet marketing shopping. I had never figured out how to buy fresh seafood, despite a few induction tours by my mom. 

It was sad because I was a Teochew who did not know how to select fresh fishes. As a Teochew, it did mean that I loved fishes and many species of fishes at that. In fact, I had resigned to the fact that I would never be able to buy and steam a white pomfret on my own, unless I ate out, at at my parents’ place or that my mom would buy the pomfret for me. I had tried buying white pomfret in wet markets and supermarkets. Trust me, I tried the old wives’ recommendations of pressing the fish or check the eyes. I could not figure it out.

Along came this Facebook fishmonger who would take orders on a bi-weekly basis and bring in sea produce from Malaysia. I tried threadfin and it tasted funky. I tried the white pomfret and its freshness was so sweet that it brought proud tears to my eyes. I definitely exaggerated on this bit.

The ang kar prawns were equally fabulous at $2.30 per 100g as compared to the XL black/white tiger prawns at $1.70~$2.10 per 100g. The medium sized ang kar prawns were bigger than those so-called XL prawns. 

Technology had definitely some parts of our history away, but also reintroduced and revived some of our familiar memories. 

Guess this was the making of a modern auntie by doing wet market shopping on Facebook. 


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