Pushing all buttons 

In parenting, kids test patiences. 

Given the perfectionist streak in me, I try to moderate my expectations. Still, they pushed all the buttons. In response, I pushed their buttons too.

Z was in his perpetual lala land. 

It gnawed at me when he was not consistent. 

Or looking at it from the flip side, he was consistently careless. 

I encouraged him.

I scolded him. 

I gave him a pep talk. 

I smacked him for consistent careless mistakes.

I cancelled his play dates.

Eventually, much gratitude to Pokémon Go team for rolling out Gen 2. I threatened to delete his pokemons in order of most recently caught. It worked to a certain extent. At first, he said he had them on Pokedex. When it came to really selecting the 1000++ CP Mantine, he cried.

I felt bad for the kid, also became I knew it was a 10km egg Pokemon. Hence, I gave him an extra lifeline. He got to trade additional pages of work (without careless mistake) to redeem the pokemons from deletion. 

It worked. 

Thank you, Pokémon Go! 


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