Mini Luk – Game on!

Now that both boys were older, I got them to compete in the area of concentration.

We had taken quite a long break from the Bambino/Mini Luk series since both boys’ completion of the earlier series. We finally got to moving on to the respective next stages.

Although the Mini Luk was meant for 5-7 years’ old, X had good patience and was happy to take on the challenge.

X’s working on the normal Mini Luk series 

He was good with identifying patterns. Meanwhile, he had to recognize the numerals 1 to 12 too. I was not sure if they had covered at N2 but any additional reinforcement was good. 

Z’s working on Mini Luk Advance series

I liked the geometry series because it strengthened concepts. In addition, the advance series had a lot of correlation work. 

As I enforced working on the questions and checking answers independently, when X did not get the right answers, he was perplexed and said that the exercise was funny. When I guided him through, I asked him if the book was funny, he admitted that he was funny instead.

Looking all perplexed that he was the funny one, and not the book 


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