Valentine’s Day 2017

It was just a usual day for us but given that most people seemed to do something about it, we participated by sprucing up the home-cooked menu.

The kids were pleased with having steak for dinner. To be honest, I thought both boys were very spoilt for meal choices, but at least they didn’t demand for Japanese wagyu steak. My boys would remind me how they wanted steak, prawns or squid for dinner. 

I was largely impressed by how 4-yo X could wolf down a 125g wagyu ribeye steak speedily. It was lovely to cook for your loved ones and had them, especially Mr H, enjoying and complimenting the meal.

On hindsight, to be able to cook a good steak and select a good bottle of wine were life skills that helped to shave off ridiculous mark ups on this day.

The kids wondered what Valentine’s Day was about and were confused why people only picked this day to celebrate love. They thought love should be celebrated every day and they could not be more right on that!

Well, it was still a good occasion to receive a new Forever Friends bear to the army of bears at home. 

It was also this day that I realized Mr H and I were Facebook friends for 8 years. I had been perplexed because the math did not add up.

The most senior love of my life went, “That’s because I joined Facebook late.”

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