CDC-CCC Education Merit Award

It was a sunny Saturday morning when we headed down to collect this award.

In our time, I had not heard of this, so it was very new to me when Z received the letter last year. If your income had exceeded the cap for the bursary award, I had not thought there would be any more to it.

Hence, imagine our surprise when a letter from our CDC came this year to inform us that Z was eligible for an $80 book voucher. We had actually dismissed the letter last year because how would one describe about being in top 25% and there was nothing except a letter of notification.

So now that he had attended an event, shook hands with a MP and received a token and a certificate, he seemed to learn that there was something special about working hard.

Well, we would not know if he would be eligible next time, but I hoped it would be a nice reminder to motivate him in future.

Of course, we were really appreciative of our CDC’s efforts to do this for the children.


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