The day Z dropped and lost his tooth

One night, after packing Z off to bed, he woke up and cried. It turned out that his shaky front tooth (top right) had dropped. 

While washing the tooth, he dropped it into the basin. The poor boy was so sad that he cried and was inconsolable. Recalled that I had bought this tooth fairy kit, Z had every intention of filling up the album. By dropping the tooth, it meant that the slot for the designated tooth would be empty.

I was taken aback that Z would be so upset and that he actually had an OCD side or that he really regarded all his baby teeth as treasure. He was sobbing so badly in bed that I had to suggest buying clay to make a representation of that lost tooth. 

Only then did he calm down and go to sleep.

Adding on to the last time he lost a tooth, my son had pretty exciting tooth adventure.


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