Snacking in the room 

For some odd reason, Z poured out snacks onto a plate and disappeared. Given that our apartment wasn’t very big and I didn’t spot Z at the dining table, I looked for him. He was, as expected, in his room.

I was mortified that he was eating crackers in his room whilst building lego. Yes, the same greasy hands touching the lego all over.

In a typical mom style, I told him why he should not eat in the room and hustled him to the dining room. 

Unfortunately, he was not bothered.  

A few days’ later, there was a piece of news about a live cockroach found in a woman’s skull. I showed that to Z promptly. It was a powerful message because it sent Z off with wet wipes, in a frantic rush to clean his lego. 

I hoped it was the last of in-room snacking in a long while. 


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