Turning 10

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary today.

It’s amazing that we are turning 10, and it’s amazing that 10 years have gone by just like that!

I don’t even feel a day older or different that the day we’ve met, except for the extra inches and kilos piled on, and also the two kids we have in tow today.

Being married for 10 years also meant we had stayed in love for a long time, would continue to do so and most importantly, learned to balance self and partner in the equation.

Marriage has started off being extremely difficult in the first few years. We have our own values, different styles and vastly different ways of handling situations. Our personalities were as different as we were alike.

The statement sounded contradictory but that was really the contradiction of life. I was a typical type A and him a type B, but we usually shared the same opinions and yet, chose to do things differently. Initially, we had a lot of conflicts. With every issue we ironed out, the relationship strengthened to a point of stabilization. 

By the time Z came along, we scaled back our assertion of personal values and worked towards compromising which was for the greater good of the family.

Learning to compromise and actually compromising worked wonders for the marriage. It was always “about us” and seldom “about me”. We were transparent in every aspect of our lives, leaving no stones to guess or room for distrust.

The paths were not smooth sailing but we had been blessed to have each other to love and to hold. Whatever stood ahead, I hoped we would always have the patience, tenacity and love to see it through. 

It has been a superlicious journey with you, Mr H.

May we continue this journey with more love, companionship, joy, travel and blessings for many more years to come.

I hope we will grow old together, remember the crazy and silly things we do for each other, the funny jokes we share, the little kisses we share, the road trips with you driving and me navigating, and the many sunsets we count together. 

Life is fabulous and happy because I have you in my life, and me in yours. 


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