Second weekend of CNY 2017

It was a lot of fun, especially since Mr H and I eased out of our flu bug!

Saturday began with soccer and a celebration for the kids after soccer. Along with a team of parents, we prepared food, drinks and snacks. It was a great party for both kids and parents. 

Chicky cheeky boys!

We were invited to my ex-colleagues’ place for lunch and had a great time catching up. We got to visit two ex-colleagues at one go because they stayed in the same development. The boys were treated to two lion dances.

Lovely lunch

And a third at our place, despite the rain

The kids actually played from 6pm to 10pm as the adults played Blackjack and Heart Attack. The kids were very amused to see us screaming and shouting. It was hilarious how we tried to play a game of yesteryears. 

We had a slow start for Sunday. Z had his piano lesson before we visited for our family friend for CNY & lunch. 

Sumptuous meal 

Kids’ steamboat 

Unfortunately, we could not stay long for lunch because Z had a soccer game. It was rare for me to bake under the sun with the boys. 

Right after the game, we had a steamboat/BBQ at our place. It was swimming, wine and a lot of food to wrap up the last bits of the weekend. 

It was wonderful to have such lovely friends and company which filled the weekend with so much laughter and fun. 


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