The joy of working 

One reason why I enjoyed having a job was having the kids learned a tad more about life in general. Z had always asked me about what I did, what the company I worked for did, what my bosses did and more.

Recently, Z said something to the effect that having ex-colleagues were great because he got to go out with them. It was a fact that I would bring the kids out quite a bit with my ex-colleagues from the previous company but it was hilarious seeing how the kids came to their own conclusion. 

Mr H asked the boys if there was a difference between colleagues and friends. X’s answer was “Colleagues  are not friends, friends are not colleagues. Colleagues are like friends. Friends are like colleagues.” It was cryptic and we figured out he did not know what to say. 

Z’s answer, which Mr H helped to put in context with the comparison of classmates versus friends, was cute and logical.

He said that classmates were people whom the school put together and he seldom went out with them but friends were people whom he chose to hang out with and he always went out with them. 

For a 7-going-8, I thought he had a pretty good and sharp summary! 


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