What X said at Kidzania 

I had not wanted to bring X till he was older because I thought 6-7 years’ old was a better range for the kids to fully enjoy and understand Kidzania.

I was wrong.

At the check-in counter, the staff briefed X that he was given $20 kidzo and he had to go to the bank to activate another $30 kidzo. To which, X asked the staff earnestly, “Where is the bank?”

After X completed his first job of the day, I asked him how it went. He got all excited and could not wait to describe everything he did.

The key takeaway he mentioned was,”I fly the aeroplane very high!”

After every job, X would be brimming with joy as he reported,”Mummy, I made money!!!”

He was so excited about earning money that he told me,”I want to earn more money!”

X got to work at the A&E department. During a post kidzania review, X said that he would like to work in the hospital. In his words,”When people are dying, I can help them.”

Woah. What a powerful and noble statement.

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