CNY 2017 Day 1

Given how late everyone slept the night before, it was almost ten before the boys got up. We had a very slow and lethargic breakfast before crawling out for CNY visiting. I was so stoned that I only managed to take a few photos. 

We visited my parents’ place, second aunt’s place, eldest aunt’s place and eldest Uncle’s place. We also bumped into other relatives along the way. As my aunt who usually hosted the annual dinner on Day 1 was away, I cooked dinner instead. It was curry chicken, pork rib soup, honey garlic fish, cereal prawns and stir-fried vegetables with abalone and scallops. 

We ended the night with a family movie of Kungfu Yoga. It was quite a lot of laughter and thrills. X kept referring to Jackie Chan as the boy who could do kungfu, the boy who could swim underwater and we kept telling him that Jackie Chan was the same age as his grandma!


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