The Family Kidzania Visit

After Z’s first and second visit, this marked his 3rd visit within a span of 6 months and it was also X’s first visit. It was the first time our family of 4 made it to Kidzania together. We had wanted to wait for X to turn 4 before coming together.

The great thing about coming during CNY period was that Z received a $80 kidzo angpow.

We reached early. After checking in, I brought X to buy a kidzania lanyard. 

We knew the drill and route, and the boys were the first in queue for the pilot stint.

1. Pilot 

Once they were done at 1025, we hustled them to the next station.

2. Yakult Science Lab (min 6 years old) for Z while X made his pazzport, received his $80 kidzo angpow and did the Lifebuoy Health Institue 

I was impressed that X was game to do the job alone because I thought he would want to stick to kor kor. When they were done at 11, they headed down to make bak kwa, very apt for the season.

3. Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa 

The two boys were joined by their cousin from this point onwards. Fearing that the firefighter job would get crowded, we cleared this station next. 

4. Firefighter 

It was almost 12pm by now so we asked the kids to make KFC for lunch. Z was reluctant to spend his kidzo for this activity and asked us to buy KFC instead! As they made their burgers, we camped outside KFC with our fried chicken and fries.

5. KFC

We got the kids to work at the vault next and Z had a degree from previous visit to earn extra.

6. Maybank Vault

The three kids shared a mobile vault duty. Post vault, they had a short break while waiting to do their policing duties. X actually said he was tired of working and needed a break. We stuffed him with some sweets and gummies to keep him going. 

7. CSI

8. Police Station

At this juncture, we knew they needed a candy break. They were at all smiles.

9. Candy shop

We put them through heavy duty jobs next. 

10. A&E

11. Dental

After 2 intellectual jobs, they looked burned out so we got them to perform.

12. Clock tower 

And cheered them up with ice cream making as well as…

13. Paddle Pop ice cream shop


14. Departmental store shopping 

After this stint, Z upgraded to Distinguished Citizen and had good discounts off his redemption.

We were also pleased to note that the items had become more affordable. It was very cute to see X shopping seriously. They even had a personal shopper assisting them to calculate and see if they had enough money. The kids had balance because they did not use their debit card. I also learned that the shop could only process in multiple of $10 and we could to use the $1 in card.

The kids left the shop happily. 

We brought them to select the photos. Since we had 2 kids for the visit, we opted for the purchase of all digital prints. We received some complimentary copies because they missed out on taking the pilot shots for Z and X!! These two were the first two to complete the job but were somehow missed out. 

Lucky thing was that Kidzania staff recognized the criticality and brought the two boys up to take photos. Kudos to the team for an attempt in customer service!


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