Pep talk – P2 version

I hadn’t had the need to conduct this pep talk with Z because he had been a great kid most of the time. However, after every long holiday, it seemed as though he had a “reset” button and everything reverted back to pre-pep talk.

Generally, I tried to use the mature, understanding stance because it was about showing each other mutual respect. Unfortunately, gentle words always fell on deaf ears for this boy. 

It annoyed me when he was in his offline mode because it was impossible to connect at any levels.

I went on full naggy, unhappy-mom rant on him.

One particular quote stood out, in the midst of my annoyance, and I thought was really relevant at all times and should be penned down for posterity’s sake. 

I told him that while he went to school, I went to work. When his school ended, my work had not ended. No matter how tired or busy or sometimes sick I had been, unless I had events and worked late or fell extremely sick, I would always cooked dinner for him. Did I need him to tell me that he was hungry? Did I need constant reminders, nagging or aids to get my cooking done? If I did not need anyone to tell me what to do, why did he need us to remind him to focus on what he should be practicing or training on? Or worse, failing to do so even after we told him! 

If I had not failed my chores as a mother on top of other hats I had to wear, why did he not do what was required of him as a student and as a child? 

Plus, it was also getting very annoying with Z telling me that this could not be done, that could not be done. Why was there so much reluctance and pessimism without even trying? I did not recall saying “no” to him most of the time because I made sure I always said “yes”, even if it was a conditional “yes”. 

I pretty much stunned my son with that rant. 

With that, I hoped we would have an easier time. 

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