Spending the day with the birthday boy 

We had always function as a unit of 4. X’s actual birthday fell on a weekday. While Mr H and I could take leave from work to spend the day with him, the primary school going Z could not.

We let X sleep in till almost 10am. It was rare that he slept but I supposed the party from the day before knocked him out.

It was 11am when we got to East Coast Park. The original plan was to cycle with him but we got to the park so late that we scooted while he cycled. Barely a few hundred metres on the road, we spotted Diggersite and remembered that we had 3 tokens from the skating day. 

We used up the last 3 tokens and X was very tired by the amount of concentration required.

We headed back to the Mac for lunch. X got to eat happy meal and collect the Hawk figurine model which Z had.

X asked Mr H to play this game with him

He asked so sweetly!

X actually made an effort to be cooperative and ate as much as he could. He used to just ignore us and had things his way.

Guess my pitch of “You are 4 now. You are a bigger boy now and should be able to listen” worked on him.  He finished up lunch, did not burst into tantrums when things did not go his way and was simply understanding.

He had received some presents which came with a gift receipt. As I thought the present was a bit too kiddish for him, we decided to bring back to the shop and swap for something else. In the process, I asked if he could swap for something for Z instead. 

Initially, X said no. After a while, he decided he would like to do for Z. I had explained how they always shared so many toys, mostly belonging to Z. Z even shared some of his recent birthday presents such as Nerf Laser tag guns and NES Classic with X.

We picked Z up from school and headed to Plaza Singapura to watch “Monster Trucks”. The boys cheered for the monster trucks. From being scared of the monsters, X bolstered up his courage and enjoyed supporting the monsters.

After the movie, I bought some clothes and we had dinner at Hoshino. We had to route over to Waka Waka because they forgot to give us the souvenir of a photo and a t-shirt. 

Only then we brought the kids to Great World City and X spoke, “Kor kor can choose the present. I was to give Kor kor a present.”

With that, Z picked out a new nerf gun. He was pleasantly surprised. I explained to him that it was because he had been such a good brother to X!

Z was so touched that he hugged X.

X was very happy and even thanked Z for sharing all his toys with him so far. 

With that and a spot of grocery shopping, X’s special day concluded.

I hope his sudden found maturity was here to stay. 


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