X’s 4th birthday party

As X’s actual day fell on a Monday, we had a family dinner and adjourned to our house for cake cutting.

With brother and cousin 

The next day, we held a party for him at Waka Waka by Polliwogs, Furama Riverfront hotel. It had newly opened in Dec 2016, so we were probably amongst the first few to host a birthday party there.

We had already liked it for its spaciousness. Bundled with the newness and somewhat premium pricing, there were fewer customers too. 

The party was from 1pm to 3pm.

The kids played till 130pm and rushed to the party room for snacks. 

The games started at 145pm. Boy, was the party host awesome or what…. he actually kept the kids occupied till 230pm with his creative games.

Interviewing X

The party host was very engaging and probably one of the best I had seen. He had 3 games and first one revolved around Pikachu’s Thunderbolt. The second was an improved version of musical chairs (without the chairs) based on Avengers. The last game was based on Pokémon Go which he had made an effort to customize the props.

During the games 

He created a really good atmosphere for the party. Later on, I was informed by Waka Waka that the party host was engaged externally. 

Birthday boy with his cake 

Looked a tad similar to Z’s cake … cos we recycled the cake toppers!

We had dinner nearby and there was another small celebration with our bear family-like friends. 

Two boys sharing the same birth date 

Happy with his galore of presents 

Every year, I would start off telling myself that I should not organize birthday parties for the kids because I though my they could get rather self-entitled about it. Every year, they asked me very sweetly for one and asked if it was possible to do a small party. Every year, the party would balloon out of proportion because they (and us) had a number of social circle of friends. Every year, we ended up with so many toys and by the time I spaced out when they could open the toys, as part of delayed gratification, it was probably 1-2 years down the road.

But every year, when they saw the piles of presents received, they turned around and said, “Thank you for organizing the party, mummy!!”

Heart melt, rinse and repeat for another year! 😅


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