Pallying with older kids

I never realized this until very recently.

X had more one brother. To be exact, it felt like he had 7 brothers.

Z and his band of brothers took really good care of X. The 4 years’ age gap saw the brothers finding X young enough to look after and old enough to play with.

I had not realized X had developed such a deep affection for these older brothers. When I observed their play, the older brothers always included him in the teams, counted his share and credit to win. The amount of care, empathy and babysitting they had given to him was really impressive.

Of course, Z was still the best big brother ever.

At X’s recent birthday party, during the last musical-chair-like round but on hoola hoops, when the music was about to stop, Z stretched out and pulled X into the hoop so that he was in the safe zone. 

I was so heartened to see Z looking out for X. 

So did other big brotherly friends.

X was such a blessed boy to have them for “backers”.

I definitely looked forward to the day when X entered Primary 1 and these big brothers would be in Primary 5. I certainly hoped their friendships would last for as long as possible. 

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