The secret life of parents 

It was a random conversation when I started commenting how kids should never call their mummies fat. Z asked why Mr H never called me fat. I retorted that I was not very fat and that Mr H was fatter than me.

I went on to say that I was not even fat till I got pregnant with Z. I put on 25kg, more than half my weight, when I was expecting Z. I showed Z a photo of me before I was pregnant with him.

My son went quiet. 

Then he asked, “Was this at F1?”

He noticed the background. I replied yes and I was there to watch. Mr H did not watch because I was there on a work invite.

Z spouted suddenly, “Secret life of parents!! It’s the life you have before you have kids! Before you had kids, you could do anything you want and go anywhere you want!”

Woah. Bingo. 

I was largely amazed by his thought process. 

But yes, we had a more happening life before you came along.

After kids, we happened to have a more meaningful life. 

Kids, they frustrate you but you love them anyway. 


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