I’m ready 

On the day before X turned 4, he turned around and told me, “Mummy, I am ready.”

Ready for?

He continued on that he was ready for a baby.

He pondered and told me, “I want a baby boy, not baby girl.”

“I am 4 years’ old. I am old and strong enough to carry heavy babies.” It was with reference to my girlfriend’s chubby, cutie.

X requested to carry the baby

“Where can we buy the baby?”

I believed my son watched too much of the cartoon “Storks”.

I told him that both mummy and daddy had to make the baby. In the process, mummy would become very fat and it was going to be a long wait.

X said, “It’s okay.”

I told him we did not have an extra room for the baby, so where would the baby sleep? He told me the baby could sleep in his room. He led me to his room and pointed to the other half of his single bed. He said he had a lot of space to spare.

“Well, you have to share toys with the baby. Mummy and Daddy also cannot play so much with you.”

“It’s okay. I can share,” came the reply.

“Baby will spoil all your toys and cars.”

“It’s  okay. I have many toys,”continued X.

I was impressed with how much love this little guy had. I was definitely impressed with how kids-loving my kids were. Z had been such an awesome big brother (on most days) and X was asking to be promoted too!

But nay… no baby-making plans in the pipeline. 

Penning this down simply because my not-so-little X was so sweet to want to share his love and toys with another being. 

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