I don’t know what I was thinking 

There were many times when Z did something which we explicitly told him not to. Whenever I asked him if he knew it was wrong, he said he knew. When I asked him why he still did it, he would say he did not know what he was thinking.

Well, I had no idea about what most parents would do.

Firstly, it was a honest confession. I should cut him some slack.

However, it got repetitive and I thought I should not deal with it.

Looking at him in the eye, I explained to him that if he knew something was wrong, he should always stop to think. At such a young age, he could be pardoned. What if he carried this bad habit till adulthood and infringed the laws? Saying sorry was not going to cut it. The law would catch up with him and punish him.

To be honest, I knew we were getting abstract here.

A few weeks’ later, there was news coverage about a certis Cisco officer who fired a live round and his exactly explanation was that he did not know what he was doing. I showed Z the article and it then dawned on him what I meant.

Well, I would certainly be keeping track if he was mindful of his behavior in future. 


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