Day 17 – Chitose & flying home

I was amazed that our hotel booking included breakfast, so lap it up we did. We took a while to eat, pack and checked out eventually.
Upon check out, it was more shopping.

We discovered another Pokémon shop!!

Last chance for Kinotoya Bake cheese tarts, 162yen each – so much cheaper than Bake’s at 216yen
Royce Choco walk again 

Kids amused themselves 
Clearly no gender bias in my dictionary 
Blueberry honeysuckle & Melon ice cream 

They were so good!!

Wrong sign to pose with – it should be “Goodbye, Hokkaido!”

Goodbye, for real…

By 130pm, we had to board the domestic flight bounded for Narita and then Singapore.

It was a good trip and fun on so many levels, even if we were freezing our butts off on some days. It was also incredibly fun because we were in good company. It was definitely an epic trip for everyone in a long time. 

I hoped the kids would grow up and remember how they had made snowballs with each other. 

Till the next!


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