End of CNY

Now that Z was in P2 and a whiz with addition and subtraction up to 4-digit sum, he had a great time counting money and adding all the dollars up.

On the other hand, I could see how X was as OCD as I could be. Whenever he opened a red packet, he would sort the notes by the denomination and ensured that all notes were facing the same way up and orientation.

Z was vastly differently. When Z was at the age, he was mixing up all denominations, let alone the orientation. Now that he was older, he sorted by denomination “piles”. 

Both boys opened their red packets in total reverse orders too. 

X worked on a stack while Z worked on a puddle. 

I was really amused by their handling styles which also spoke volumes of the different handling styles of Mr H and mine. 


CDC-CCC Education Merit Award

It was a sunny Saturday morning when we headed down to collect this award.

In our time, I had not heard of this, so it was very new to me when Z received the letter last year. If your income had exceeded the cap for the bursary award, I had not thought there would be any more to it.

Hence, imagine our surprise when a letter from our CDC came this year to inform us that Z was eligible for an $80 book voucher. We had actually dismissed the letter last year because how would one describe about being in top 25% and there was nothing except a letter of notification.

So now that he had attended an event, shook hands with a MP and received a token and a certificate, he seemed to learn that there was something special about working hard.

Well, we would not know if he would be eligible next time, but I hoped it would be a nice reminder to motivate him in future.

Of course, we were really appreciative of our CDC’s efforts to do this for the children.

Let me show you iFly!

We were by the pool when Z shouted to me excitedly, “Mummy, let me show you iFly!”

My heart froze.

I was worried about Z jumping off the ledge and “fly” into the water. I braced myself for a bodily impact against the water. 

He ran … to the side and switched on the jacuzzi.

Then he stood in front one of the strong water jets, thrusted his face in front of the jet and lifted his body into an iFly pose in the water. 

Seriously, it looked like the “iFly” pose but suspended in water instead of air.

On hindsight, it was funny and especially funny when I thought of how my son was flinging himself off somewhere. 

Snacking in the room 

For some odd reason, Z poured out snacks onto a plate and disappeared. Given that our apartment wasn’t very big and I didn’t spot Z at the dining table, I looked for him. He was, as expected, in his room.

I was mortified that he was eating crackers in his room whilst building lego. Yes, the same greasy hands touching the lego all over.

In a typical mom style, I told him why he should not eat in the room and hustled him to the dining room. 

Unfortunately, he was not bothered.  

A few days’ later, there was a piece of news about a live cockroach found in a woman’s skull. I showed that to Z promptly. It was a powerful message because it sent Z off with wet wipes, in a frantic rush to clean his lego. 

I hoped it was the last of in-room snacking in a long while. 

The day Z dropped and lost his tooth

One night, after packing Z off to bed, he woke up and cried. It turned out that his shaky front tooth (top right) had dropped. 

While washing the tooth, he dropped it into the basin. The poor boy was so sad that he cried and was inconsolable. Recalled that I had bought this tooth fairy kit, Z had every intention of filling up the album. By dropping the tooth, it meant that the slot for the designated tooth would be empty.

I was taken aback that Z would be so upset and that he actually had an OCD side or that he really regarded all his baby teeth as treasure. He was sobbing so badly in bed that I had to suggest buying clay to make a representation of that lost tooth. 

Only then did he calm down and go to sleep.

Adding on to the last time he lost a tooth, my son had pretty exciting tooth adventure.

Turning 10

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary today.

It’s amazing that we are turning 10, and it’s amazing that 10 years have gone by just like that!

I don’t even feel a day older or different that the day we’ve met, except for the extra inches and kilos piled on, and also the two kids we have in tow today.

Being married for 10 years also meant we had stayed in love for a long time, would continue to do so and most importantly, learned to balance self and partner in the equation.

Marriage has started off being extremely difficult in the first few years. We have our own values, different styles and vastly different ways of handling situations. Our personalities were as different as we were alike.

The statement sounded contradictory but that was really the contradiction of life. I was a typical type A and him a type B, but we usually shared the same opinions and yet, chose to do things differently. Initially, we had a lot of conflicts. With every issue we ironed out, the relationship strengthened to a point of stabilization. 

By the time Z came along, we scaled back our assertion of personal values and worked towards compromising which was for the greater good of the family.

Learning to compromise and actually compromising worked wonders for the marriage. It was always “about us” and seldom “about me”. We were transparent in every aspect of our lives, leaving no stones to guess or room for distrust.

The paths were not smooth sailing but we had been blessed to have each other to love and to hold. Whatever stood ahead, I hoped we would always have the patience, tenacity and love to see it through. 

It has been a superlicious journey with you, Mr H.

May we continue this journey with more love, companionship, joy, travel and blessings for many more years to come.

I hope we will grow old together, remember the crazy and silly things we do for each other, the funny jokes we share, the little kisses we share, the road trips with you driving and me navigating, and the many sunsets we count together. 

Life is fabulous and happy because I have you in my life, and me in yours. 

Second weekend of CNY 2017

It was a lot of fun, especially since Mr H and I eased out of our flu bug!

Saturday began with soccer and a celebration for the kids after soccer. Along with a team of parents, we prepared food, drinks and snacks. It was a great party for both kids and parents. 

Chicky cheeky boys!

We were invited to my ex-colleagues’ place for lunch and had a great time catching up. We got to visit two ex-colleagues at one go because they stayed in the same development. The boys were treated to two lion dances.

Lovely lunch

And a third at our place, despite the rain

The kids actually played from 6pm to 10pm as the adults played Blackjack and Heart Attack. The kids were very amused to see us screaming and shouting. It was hilarious how we tried to play a game of yesteryears. 

We had a slow start for Sunday. Z had his piano lesson before we visited for our family friend for CNY & lunch. 

Sumptuous meal 

Kids’ steamboat 

Unfortunately, we could not stay long for lunch because Z had a soccer game. It was rare for me to bake under the sun with the boys. 

Right after the game, we had a steamboat/BBQ at our place. It was swimming, wine and a lot of food to wrap up the last bits of the weekend. 

It was wonderful to have such lovely friends and company which filled the weekend with so much laughter and fun.