Day 16 – Lake Shikotsu, Takino Snow Hills

Posing with our ride 

Noboribetsu, which was a minute’s drive away

We did not walk in the park because it was very icy and slippery. 

We had to drive over to Lake Shikotsu and it was a very long drive with all the road closures. I learned that GPS had a better estimation than Google’s ideal route.

Beautiful lake 

It was totally worth the drive 

We swung over to Takino Snowland because it was just 30 minutes’ away 

Free tubing!

I was amazed that it was free considering how hourly charges were levied per person at Hanazono Snow Park

Many free toys too!

Waiting for their turns 

We left the snowpark at 130pm because one of our friends were leaving at 6pm and we wanted to check out the RERA outlet 

Sadly, it closed at 5pm on New Year Eve!

We were staying at Air Terminal hotel for the night and we returned to the airport for dinner, shopping and onsen. The kids loved the idea of staying at the airport.

Me too! Cos it was only 18000yen for a triple room. 

And the airport’s onsen pass came with the hotel booking!

Onsen’s reception 

The empty airport mall scene that greeted me after onsen 

It was so serene and zen. 


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