Day 15 – Mount Usu, Lake Hill Farm & Noboribetsu

Rise and shine at Lake Toya was to a foggy scene. Once we had breakfast and took pictures of what we could in the morning, we drove to Volcanic Science Museum which was 5 minutes’ away. I always tried to incorporate some learning element during the holidays.

The building 

The kids learned how volcanoes were formed and how Lake Toya was formed. It was also one of the lakes that did not freeze in winter. They also got to watch a video of Mount Usu erupting and how it affected the lives of people who lived near Lake Toya.

Remnant from the most recent eruption 

We left the museum for Mount Usu which was 20 minutes’ away.

Yay to a non-foggy Lake Toya 

We paid to take the rope way up Mount Usu.

Free sledding play for kids 

It was -9°c!

We had to walk for 10min and up many steps to get to the top of Mount Usu and see the crater. It was extremely windy at the lookout point of the crater.

It was so cold that we were turning blue!

We drove to Lake Hill Farm which was 30 minutes’ away.

We had a simple lunch of pizza and curry rice, and enjoyed the cream puffs, cheesecakes and ice cream. It was an idlylic afternoon for the adults and a fun one for the kids.

We continued driving to Noboribetsu and checked in at Hotel Mahoroba.

A nicer room, compared to Lake Toya

Free flow crabs!

We ate long and well for dinner before heading to the onsen. There were so many hot baths, acidic, sulphuric etc.

I was amused to see this little play area, at a separate cost, being offered too. 


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