Day 14 – Heading to Lake Toya

We had breakfast to the sight of many eager skiers and snowboarders queuing up for the Grand Hirafu Quad lift before the lift started.

Given how we had encountered icy stretches, I could now understand why they wanted to be the first on the slopes.

Well, all I could say was we would stick to the less happening and hip places. We took our own sweet time to finish our breakfast and completed check out before heading to ski on the last day.

I was very surprised when the hotel left a reminder for us to vacate the locker by 11am. We never really faced with such issues at other resorts. They provided a cloakroom for us to store our things which worked out but it did not seem very safe.

Their cloakroom also required taking half a flight of stairs. Well, it required a lot of strength!

We skied till 12pm when X declared he was too tired and cold. Z and I continued till 1230pm before we settled the kids for a simple lunch at the cafe.

We could not get the Milk Kobo cheese tarts but we could get the ice cream. It was super milky, not my type.

After returning the equipment, we picked up our car rental at 2pm. Folks, IDP was a must. Thankfully, I had mine so our friend was able to rent.

Our people mover in the snow

It was a 2 hours’ drive to Lake Toya because of the snowfall (slow driving required) and the closure of the original, shorter route by GPS. Better safe and slow than sorry!

We checked into Kohantei because it was cheaper than the other hotels in the area. It cost 17,300yen per adult.

But it was small, old, tired and vintage.

Check out the phone! I had never used this before too.

Checking out the vicinity 

We donned the yukata, went for onsen and headed down for our buffet dinner.

The kids had a lot of fun in their yukatas. The boys were very amused.

Given how few people there were, Z and X had a great time taking food and pretending to be adults.

Here was X taking a lot of tako sashimi for Mr H

Pretty stalls 

I liked the steak and sashimi. Yay to the food but boo for the waistline. 


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