Day 13 – Skiing in Niseko

Hotel Niseko Alpen offered a sumptuous breakfast. 

We were chirpy and happy to head to the slopes. However, it was so crowded that Mr H took a while to exchange the voucher for the ski lift pass.

We thought of letting X practice on the family slope before going higher up. 

The jam at Family Ace Pair lift 

Behind X featured the queue for Family Quad lift 

The Quad lift brought us to 900m above ground but it was a very cold ride! When we got up there, it was very cold too. Skiing down was complicated because there were several routes and I was too chicken to do a red slope, same for X. 


By lunch time, X was burned out and famished. We returned to room to eat cup noodles and finished up our bread from Sapporo.

X went off to nap promptly. I babysat him and rested, as well as uploaded holiday photos on Facebook. Mr H and Z went to explore the slopes.

Z on a black slope 
X did not wake up till 4pm! 

By then, it was time for us to go for onsen before heading down to the village for dinner at The Barn. We had to go to Welcome Centre to take bus 2 to go to Bus stop 2.

Thankfully, we alighted right outside the restaurant. It was an upmarket and meal with the kids. It gave me very strong Australian vibes. 

After dinner, we took the last 830pm shuttle bus back to hotel. Phew! So glad we did not have to walk upslope back to the hotel like the day before. 


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