Day 11 – Random, shopping day in Sapporo

We had a Nijo Market visit “tour”. A number of us met at 7.45am to walk to the market which was 5min away from hotel. There was so much snow in Sapporo that the pathways were slippery and everywhere was piled high with snow.

Crossing the road 

Sea produce

Shopping for the best scallop deals!

Breakfast for 4 of us

Z & X shared the Hotate sashimi and crabmeat. Mr H shared the chiraishi with me. It was 2,680yen which was not very cheap or good in my opinion.

After breakfast, I bought a 500gpack of dried scallops for 9000yen. It was the small size dried scallops.

We headed for the beer museum but it was closed!!!

Next best alternative 

We headed to the mall next door which was very kids friendly. I loved the sports shop in the mall.

The kids loved these trolleys!

I was impressed that Nike carried such bags too!

After we were done with the mall, we walked to the nearest train station.

Waiting for train with coffee

It was one stop to JR Sapporo.

Level 8 of Daimaru featured a newly opened store 

We spent a long time at the shop. As I was not feeling well, I picked up some medicine from a local pharmacy.

Heading for dinner 

At Kani Hoike


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