Day 10 – Ski & head to Sapporo

We had breakfast at Mikaku because I had woken up at 7am and gone down to the restaurant to press for a number. Though the selection at Mikaku was limited, we favored it for the proximity.

We also checked out our luggage and left our bags with the concierge.

After breakfast, we headed out to ski. We skied from Tower area to Resort Center. In between, we had to wait for Z who had gone to ski with a neighbor. 

As X did not eat his breakfast properly, we let him have an early lunch at Resort centre and went up to Unkai Terrace again.

With plans to ski down 

Except for X who took the gondola and shuttle bus back to hotel with another neighbor 

Magnificent scenery 

Loved how tranquil the area was 

Spot the twin towers? That was our hotel 

We skied back to hotel area where I met up with X and took him to the green slopes while Mr H and Z explored the blue slopes.

The kids found the Nipo forest trail which was designed for kids and featured a narrow trail.

Mr H, getting stuck at the trail

It was 3.40pm when we returned our gears and rushed to the lobby at 3.45pm. Our private bus was already at the porch.

It would have taken 4 hours to take the usual coach with all the stops and it was not point to point. Hence, I booked a private bus which took us to the footstep of Sapporo Mecure Hotel in 2.5 hours.

Upon check in, we headed out for dinner. We followed one of our friends to Sumire.

Our dinner tickets 

Ramen bar 

Discreet door step, one min from our hotel 

Mightily pleased with the quad room booking which gave us 2 twin rooms!

Post dinner, we hunted for desserts but to no avail. We tried a cafe but it was pretty mediocre. So sad we couldn’t get our hands on the Kinotoya Bake cheese tarts!


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