Day 9 – Unkai Terrace, Bday dinner

We woke up to a beautiful and sunny morning on Christmas Eve. As usual, no lessons meant we could take our own sweet time about breakfast.

Beautiful view from the room 

We secured a table at Mikaku after 15mins’ wait 

It was also because peak dining hours were over.

After breakfast, we headed to Resort Centre via shuttle bus to see the Unkai Terrace where there was a cloud walk. It was a suspended boardwalk sticking out from the mountain.

Heading up the Gondola

View from the gondola 

You could choose to ski down the green, blue or black slope or take the gondola back down.

Family photo 

Cafe atop 

Panaromic shot 

White frosty trees 

It was sunny but freezing up there. We left by 12pm, grabbed a quick lunch at the affordable cafeteria of Resort Centre and returned to ski. 

After a run on Nipo, all of us went up Tower Express.

View before skiing down

It was a longer route but X did fine so we skied till nearly 4pm for the kids to rest before our group dinner at 530pm at Nininupuri.

I had wanted all of us to sit together so the hotel helped by making the reservation. 

The buffet at Nininupuri was not bad because the sashimi selection was better than Hal Dining but it was missing the crabs. Nininupuri was 3,900yen while Hal was about 5,400yen. 

We arranged for a birthday cake to celebrate Z’s 7th Birthday on the eve of turning 7 and the eve of Christmas. 

Blessed to be surrounded by friends in wintry Hokkaido

All of us 

We waited so long for the candles and for the cake to be cut that we missed the Christmas service for the kids at Chapel on Water.

It was freezing at Ice Village that night, approximately around -16°C or -18°C

There was no snow or wind but it was so cold!!

There we went, last night in Tomamu with a simple celebration and some play in the village. 


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