Day 8 – Santa Visits

It was a Friday and we woke up to a glorious amount of snow. It was the same day which many people were stuck at the airport. It snowed so much that we woke up to this blanketed scene.

X thought it was very cold looking at the scene

It also happened that we had zilch classes so we took our time that day. We made arrangements to meet our friends who were also staying at Tomamu during the same period, but not part of our massive tour, for breakfast at Nininupuri.

While waiting for bus, X helped the hotel staff to shove the snow away 

Hello, kids!

After breakfast, the kids played in the snow and we took pictures with the reindeer.

As our friends proceeded to get ready for their 12-2pm class, we headed off to ski too. I was upset with X for not learning at the class so I insisted that he had to learn from Mr H.

The errant student and poor tutor on the travellator 
After 2 rounds, he went up with us via Nipo chair.

Landed on his bum

X did pretty well but required Mr H to help for slightly steeper slopes. 

Crashed and fell into the snow 

We had a few more runs till 330pm when it got colder. We recuperated at the ski locker room with hot drinks from the vending machine.

X was so tired that he napped from 4pm till Santa’s visit and he still could not be roused awake. 

At 530pm, we headed to Mina Mina beach where most of our friends were. After a good swim and soak, we returned to Foresta mall for dinner.

Shabu shabu 

The meat was good but the dipping sauces and soup weren’t that good. 

We closed another sleepy chapter for the day and I was falling sick for real. 

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