Day 7 – Tomamu

First day on the slopes was always an exciting day. We came down to Mikaku for breakfast, only to be greeted with a 45min queue at 740am.

We decided to walk over to Hal Dining which a 5 minute freezing walk for breakfast. It offered a really good selection! I loved onsen eggs!

By 825am, we had to start walking back to the ski locker because Mr H and Z had private snowboarding lesson from 9am to 11am. It cost 19,000yen for the first person and 8,000yen for every additional person. In our haste and lateness to rent the day before, we had to pick up the board in the morning so that made the morning more rushed. 

Cute snowboard Warming up 

When Mr H and Z were at class, I brought X to the room to rest till his class from 10am-12pm. As his was a group class, it cost 6000yen.

Group class, being, group class was really slow. The slow progress, bundled with leading up to the heaviest snowfall in Hokkaido in 50 years, frustrated X.

Happier during skiing (which was the last 45min of the class)

With all that queuing, I reckoned he only made it down the training slope thrice in 45min.

This was what they were up to in the first 60min, learning how to put on skis and walk around 

It was an essential part of learning which X was too spoilt and impatient about. His context of skiing was all about practical and no basics.

X was used to Mr H holding him to ski.

He nearly did not finished the class but thankfully we were joined by Mr H and Z. Mr H accompanied X to complete the class before we all headed off for a piping hot bowl of ramen!

Post lunch, we skied.

Featuring the boys 

Oh yah, Tomamu offered one free switch from one gear to the other. Mr H decided to give up on snowboarding because he fell so many times during class that he could not take it. 

Though Z had fared better, he found skiing more enjoyable and fewer falls. I suspected that he was influenced by Mr H and did not want to attend the private class alone.

I also did not want to push Z because we had so many more days ahead, lest he really hurt himself during snowboarding.

We went up a blue slope and I tumbled my way down.

By the time sun set, we made our way to Mina Mina beach. The kids rented the floats at 1,500yen. They had a ball of a time bobbing around on the fun floats. Once you pay for the rental, you could access all types of floats one at a time.

While they played, I went to the hot bath. I suspected this switch was the cause of my flu and illness during the trip.

We were done by 8pm and saw this welcoming sight!

They made their own ice kacang

So many flavours for the ice!


Goodnight, beach!

Dinner at Sakura Restaurant- whole set at 3,800yen

As we had dinner at 830pm, there was no need to queue for a table.

By the time we were done with dinner, it was almost 10pm and we were so tired!


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