Day 6 – Flying up to Hokkaido

We checked out of the hotel in time for the 8am limousine bus to Haneda airport.

Tiny motley crew

Once we completed check in, we split away for udon soup brunch. The timing was so tight that we had to rush to the plane.

Kids setttled down 

After a short flight, we shepherded the kids up to level 3 food court for lunch while the daddies managed the baggage. Despite landing at 1240, we ensured all had lunch and reported to the Hokkaido Resort liner desk by 1.47pm for our 2pm bus.

Waiting for the bus

It was a 2 hours’ bus ride, it was rather scenic but the adults mostly chose to sleep and rest. The kids talked non stop.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we had some issues to sort out for check in while Mr H sorted out the classes. The lift queue was rather long and we also realized that the rental shop was closing at 1630h. We had mere minutes to spare so we rushed to submit our order forms and fit. We kept all our ski barangs at the locker room before finally proceeding up to our room.

Our room – 1029 – Family Fourth room

We really loved how spacious this 58sqm room was.

We had to leave the Tower hotel at 1745h for our buffet dinner at Hal Dining. 

We made our kids queue for steak themselves!

It was a pretty sumptuous feast at 5400yen per adult.

After dinner, we popped over to Ice Village for the ice slide, ice shops and ice skating.

It was nearly 10pm when we called it a night. 


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