Day 5 – Disneysea

Disneysea opened at 8am and this was the scene that greeted us when we strode to the park at 750am.

There were so many people, much more than at Disneyland. When I queued for the fastpass for Toy Story Mania, it took me almost 30min! The boys were in the standby queue which was about 50min. 

We took the steamer transit to the Lost River Delta. The boys went on Aquatopia twice. We bought popcorn and thought of having an early lunch when we chanced upon the staff giving out reservation coupon for character dining. We promptly collected the passes and were supposed to return at 1140h.

We went on the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride and Mermaid Lagoon’s Whirlpool before meeting up the rest for lunch.

Family photo

Team photo 😜

After lunch, we took the kids on Flounder’s coasters before we headed off separately to claim our fastpass for Journey to the Center of the earth. We took the electric railway back to New York area and claimed the fastpass for Toy Story Mania. 

The boys went on the big city vehicle and we walked back to the Lost River Delta.

Pretty sights 

The boys made their way to the ship and had a fine time climbing all over the ship and fort. 

We eventually got back to Lost River Delta for Indiana Jones ride. Thanks to Child Switch, Z went on the ride twice. 

We broke for dinner at Vulcania before bringing the kids for carousel, Sindbad, Flying carpet ride and returned to New York via Electric Railway.

The whole gang went to queue for Tower of Terror so we brought the little tots to take the big city vehicle. It was a long wait for them to come out and I got to go with Mr H. 

By then, it was 9pm and we did some shopping before returning to the hotel.

We were so beat that we crashed out.

Little did we realize that X had dropped his Mickey beanie at the shop. 😦


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