Day 4 – Tokyo Disneyland 

We left the hotel at an unearthly hour of 7am to beat the morning traffic and to maximize our day at the park which was opened at 9am.

The roads were a tad confusing and we either missed the turn into the highway or we got off the highway early.

The daddies dropped the kids and moms at Sheraton Grande Hotel before they drove off to Urayasu Toyota car return point. It was the nearest return point to Disney resorts and had cost the daddies 2000yen to cab back.

We settled the check in, the kids’ breakfast and took the hotel’s shuttle bus which brought us to the monorail station. For 16000yen a night for the Ocean room, it was a very good deal because we would get 2 Queen beds.

By the time we hustled the kids to Disneyland, it was 9am and the park was packed unsurprisingly.

At monorail station

We bought a 2-day monorail pass as there was some savings and shaved off ticket buying time.

Once we entered the park, I rented the Disney stroller at 2000yen for 2-day’s use. The Disney stroller lacked power steering.

Cher, Big X and Z had made their way to queue for Monsters’ Inc ride. When X & I got there, they were just about to enter the indoor section. The daddies were on their way into the park, hence, we waited for them.

Favorite ride 

Little shiner – really loving X in this Mickey beanie which we got in 2015

After the ride, the rest of the team headed for Star Tours. X was too short to ride so I took him to check out the waiting spots for the morning Xmas parade and collected the fast passes for Buzz light years.

Chopping seats 

When they were done with Star Tours, the daddies got some snacks and we munched our way through the parade.

Xmas parade 

Right after the parade, we headed for the Rocket shuttle ride and collected the fast passes for Winnie the Pooh ride.

We headed over to Stitch Encounter. It was all in Japanese but funny enough for us to understand. I doubted we will ever go in again.

Next up was meeting up with the rest of the Disney team for Buzz light years’ ride.

Almost right after the ride was another Disney parade.

We brought the kids to Fantasyland where they took the Snow White ride, the Small World ride and R took both Z & Big X for the Haunted Mansion ride. The rest of us walked over to check out the queue for the Mountain roller coaster. It was very long, so we hung out at Tom Sawyer’s island. The kids ran all over the island. The kids practically had fun anywhere, everywhere.

We opted to have an early dinner but X had other ideas and insisted that we take him to queue for the race circuit ride. As a result, we missed out on having dinner with the rest of the folks and munched on Teriyaki chicken leg (near railroad ride) for dinner. X fell asleep throughout dinner. Z and I went on Space Mountain. 

When Z headed back to the circuit ride with Big X, X woke up and joined the fun too. How amazing that the purring sound of the motors could wake him up.

We took the Winnie the Pooh ride but it was nearing 7pm by them. We managed to catch the night parade and Z went on the mini coaster twice at Toon Town right after the parade.

Night parade 

By then, it was 8. The kids were tired and they went on the circuit race ride one last time before returning to hotel and cup noodles.


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