Day 3 – Shibuya, Shinjuku

We left Toki No Sumika resort right after breakfast.

Goodbye, whimsical slow villas!

We drove towards Tokyo. The fresh drivers made it to Tokyo within 2 hours. We turned off at Shibuya and drove through the area which was a real pleasure. As it was Sunday, we could park at the parallel lots along the street. It cost 200yen for 40min.

Shibuya crossing

We parked at such lots

I was not sure if you could park on normal weekdays because the lots actually had words like 运货车 painted on the floor. It looked like those were loading/unloading lots for delivery vans. We checked with the locals and they told us it was good to park. If we had parked at Tokyu Department, it would be about 400yen per 30min. Gulps!

After shopping at Don Quijote, we swung over to Omotesando. It was a nice cruise because it was such a long walk with kids.

We checked out the famous Ton Katsu – Maisen.

An hour long queue outside Maisen (do note they do not accept reservation)

I did not queue so I settled for the takeout counter outside the restaurant. We snacked in the car and even found a nearby lot to stop and savor the food. Gosh, it was so good despite being a takeout. I shall strive to reach Maisen early for lunch next time.

After this, we drove over to Hotel Monterey Hanzomon. I picked that hotel for its proximity to the metro, low cost and ease of drive to Disneyland the next morning.

We checked in at 130pm, ahead of the official timing of 3pm. We had to pay 300yen per 30min before our day parking of 2000yen kicked in. Parking was not cheap in Tokyo.

We left our baggage and took the metro to Shinjuku which was 15min away.

Enjoying the carless road

Our first stop was L Breath where our friends got their ski masks and we got our goggles. We had wanted coffee but the Blue bottle cafe at Takashimaya was so crowded that we gave up.

We headed to Isetan to borrow their strollers, find a cafe and to shop. It was so crowded that we ended up shopping.

We stocked up at Bicqlo on heat tech on hearing how cold Hokkaido was, toys for the kids. Before we knew it, it was time for our buffet dinner at Gyu Kaku Shinjuku Higashi.

For 3480yen per adult, it was awesome!

Thankfully we had reservations, else it would have been another hour’s wait.

With the sumptuous dinner and more food shopping at Shinjuku (BAKE cheese tarts!), we returned to our hotel.

I had booked a twin room with extra bed. Well, the room looked nothing like the picture and was extremely tiny. It was possibly our worst Hotel Monterey experience and that was surprising.

Anyway, it was just a one night stay before we hopped over to Maihama.


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