Day 2 – Fuji Safari Park, Toki No Sumika Illumination

We woke up bright and fresh (and some were sleepy) to buffet breakfast at the hotel. We were staying at Slow Villas of Toki No Sumika. It was an impressive resort boasting of several hotels and chalets.

Slow villas were cute and amongst the cheaper accommodations at the resort. The check in was at Blueberry Lodge. However, despite the cheaper price tag, it had the best location with its proximity to the amusement park which would convert to a paid admission lighted garden with fountain at night. 

Outside the Peter Rabbit slow villa

The breakfast was filling but nothing to rave about. My favorite was the loaf bread with chocolate swirls because I remembered this type of loaf breads were expensive at Isetan.

We drove to Safari land which was a mere 20min away.

The weather was great and we had a clear view of Mount Fuji. We were glad to have found a nice photo spot during the drive. 

Great photo spot with Mount Fuji

We continued onto the park. It was quite expensive  to enter the park and worked out to be 6,900yen for the 3 of us. 

Driving through the safari park 

There were 7 enclosures, so we started with bears, lions, tigers, cheetah and then the milder animals. It was eye opening for the children (and us). The boys had a great time watching the animals at close distance.

After an hour in the safari, we exited to the other part of the zoo which allowed the kids to pet the animals. 

Riding a pony 

At the petting zoo

We had a quick and decent lunch at the safari park before the kids started to feel sleepy and nap. 

The initial plans of driving to Mount Fuji was canned because of road closure in winter and it was also getting late.

We returned to hotel early and soaked in the hot spring. After which, we checked out the extensive illumination exhibits before having dinner at the brewery. 

Illumination trail 

Enchanting lights 

Heading into the park 

It was such a long walk to and fro. It was super freezing too! We called it a night after grabbing a beef yakitori stick for supper. It was also nearly 10pm too.


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