Happy 4th Birthday to X!

Amazingly, the years snuck past us and X was 4.

Given his petite build of 97cm, he never looked like he was 4. His babyish looks cemented that assumption too.

That made him the cutest 4-year old to celebrate a 4th birthday ever.

Dear X, 

You have added more joy, tears and frustrations. I still recalled it was the last day of my MBA class when I discovered I was pregnant with you. From there, time flew. I recalled many times when I brought your kor kor to Polliwogs. He played by himself or sought new friends because you were sitting so snugly in my womb. 

Since you joined us, it’d been doubly fun. It was sweet seeing both of you warming up to each other, playing with each other and loving each other. You are so blessed to so deeply loved by 3 persons. You mattered as much to your kor kor as you are to us.

While I haven’t been diligent in keeping track of your milestones, your athleticism is smashing records. In the past year, you learned to swim, play soccer, ice skate, rollerblade and ski. 

Well, the only thing you should really work on is to stop wearing diapers to sleep and most importantly, stop leaking in your night diapers too. There is a reason why we put you in pull-up diapers!

Your growing up year was also made more fun and exciting as you moved from having 1 big bro to having 7 big bros. 

May the fourth be more exciting and fun than your third.

P.S: Quit throwing tantrums too!


Your Mummy 


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