Backdated posts on winter holiday 2016

Will be coming up soon.

Since returning to Singapore, it had been hectic. It was probably an age thing.

After landing at 1230am on 2nd Jan, we slept and spent the first day in lion city unpacking, catching up on local food, visiting my parents, more unpacking and a tea date with a friend.

Despite taking the next day off, there were mountains of toys to keep, clothes to wash, receipts to sort out, photos to check through (for uploading on Facebook), groceries to buy and friends to catch up with.

Then there were piles of emails, action items and reports at work.

Through these, I realized the level of fatigue was a force to reckon with and age was catching up. Had I been 10 years’ young, I should be able to wrap these up easily.

I missed the days of youth and vitality.


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