Turning 4

X, with his babyish looks, resembled a two year old toddler more than his own age. 

He was not 100% potty trained because he needed diapers for the night. On most days, the diapers were dry but on freak days, his diapers could be so wet that it leaked. Recently, he even leaked onto the curtains, don’t even ask me how he did it.

With the turning of 4, he reckoned that he should be a big boy and be weaned off diapers. When he heard how Z weaned off diapers completely at 2.5 year old, he turned to Z and asked,”Kor kor, can you tell me how you do that?”

For all of X’s agility and maturity, he was really bad with this. I found it so cute that he recognized it as a problem and wanted to solve.

In terms of temper, he was still throwing tantrums. I hoped we would see a decline soon, and that he would learn to be reasonable instead of picking on everything under the sun. 

Otherwise, he was a really cute kiddo.


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