Back to school, back to routine 

An ideal schedule for the year looked like this:

0640 – Z wakes up

0700 – Mr H sends Z to school

0720 – Mr H picks X and I up

0740 – We drop X off

0800 – I reach work

1345 – Mr H picks Z up

Depending on what time Mr H and I end work or leave office (since work could be brought home), we aimed to get the boys to the pool by 6pm while dinner was set to cook.

1900 – Dinner and chat

2000 – Watch TV, play NES, reading or any family activity

2100 – Target for boys to sleep, while the adults strive to complete random household chores, activities, personal stuffs or work

2230 – My ideal bedtime!

Realistically, it was hard to follow but we made do with what we could. For the first two days, we managed to let the boys play in the pool with the neighbours but a tad late.

It was always good to have a yardstick to look to.

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