Z’s travel backpack

Being the tiger Mum I was, I asked Z to bring a storybook and an assessment book. I also thought the backpack would come in handy to put the kids’ snacks and winter accessories such as gloves.

Of course, the idea was for him to take up more ownership.

I did not check his backpack till I lifted it in the car to airport. It was heavy. 

I realized he brought a couple more books including 2 thick, hardcover books. They were so heavy that I laughed at him for not thinking of the weight. Who would carry a ton of weight for holidaying?

Fast forward to the security scan, Z was actually stopped by the officers. Only then we realized he brought his entire pencil case which included his school scissors.

My dear Z learned first hand that scissors could not go on board and were confiscated. 

It was a learning point for us too, to check every knick knack in his bag before leaving the house!

Poor scissors!

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