Z’s P1 PTM

This so overdue. 

We headed straight for Legoland after PTM so I had only remembered the fun, rain and company at Legoland, not the PTM.

The form teacher was a person of few words and only responded when asked. I did not really have any questions on my mind and Z was old enough to tell me what went on in class too. 

Despite the talk on holistic assessment, the teacher had a scribbled score on the side. I was very surprised that there were marks. One funny remark the teacher gave was that Z was very loud and she always asked if he had a microphone in his throat. He could be so loud that he scared her when he shouted for her. I could totally emphasize because it had happened to me before. 

Of course, play always took the better of him as he could get out of hand. Granted, Z knew he was not the teacher’s let though he would love to, but he was not beating himself up over it.

The Chinese session was a bit odd as it covered promoting of some materials and highlighted the importance of video-based oral!

Anyway, weeks later, we received Z’s certificate of Achievement for being top 25% in his cohort. 

Well, I really pondered over the reality and truth behind holistic assessment. 

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