Skiing with kids

Given our preference of skiing with the kids as opposed to dropping them off for full day programs, we realized that self contained resorts worked out better for us. 

At the current moment, Z and Mr H were of the same level, with Z edging out in terms of skills.

I remained pretty status quo and enjoyed the comfortable green runs. I would definitely love to have advanced, private ski lessons if Mr H had not cancelled my class by mistake. I reckoned I needed an instructor to guide me on how to get down a blue/red slope smoothly as opposed to rising to the challenge like Z. Besides, in terms of confidence and fundamentals, Z scored way higher than me.

X had moved up quite fast on his own and could tackle green runs faster than me. He tended to break away from the pack and head off on his own! Well, thankfully he was only 3+, so I could catch up. 

For this trip, X and I paired up more often while Mr H and Z would pair up. 

I was amused when X told us he would be picking up snowboarding and Z wanted to attempt snowboarding again. 

Hence, it was highly amusing when both kids told us their plans to ski in the following year. 

One day, Z would be organizing his own ski trips and go skiing with his friends. So would X.

So maybe, maybe … we would be skiing end of this year. 


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