The kids & onsen 

This trip marked the little boys’ first experience to onsen.

They tried on the first day of arrival and it got them giggling since. First, they laughed at the thought of getting naked.

Then they screamed at getting into the hot waters.

By the end of the trip, they relished the experience of donning yukata, bathing in a public bath and soaking up the hot springs.

When we were at Noboribetsu, the hotel onsen even boasted of a water playground. Needless to say, the boys enjoyed their time very much.

Chronicling their onsen journey:

– Toki No Sumika x 1 night

– Hotel Niseko Alpen x 2 nights 

– Kohantei x 1 night 

– Hotel Mahobora x 1 night 

They missed out on Tomamu’s and Air Terminal Hotel’s onsen. It was largely because it was a toll on Mr H to bring these sprites in. Thank goodness for gender differentiated onsens. 


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