Z, the intermediate skier 

I had booked 2 private snowboarding classes for Z and Mr H. However, after the 1st lesson, Mr H decided to stop. He said his old bones could not take the constant falling. Z actually did better but he also bowed out when his dad gave up. Granted, he was such a good skier that he never had to fall like when he was snowboarding.

In Z’s words, skiing was more enjoyable.

After turning in his snowboard on Day 1 morning, he skied the family slopes for the afternoon and attempted an intermediate slope with our neighbours and I. While I tumbled in various directions, Z obviously did better and had to wait a long while for me.

On Day 2, the weather was really bad and a few gondolas were closed. We only skied in the afternoon.

On Day 3, with X more or less settled in, Mr H took Z up to the blue slopes. The blue slopes at Tomamu were pretty steep at some points. I thought the elevation was about 45°. Z apparently cleared the blue slope easily and even went on to do a few ski jumps.

On Day 4, we went up the Unkai Terrace and skied down the long, green route. While the run was easy, the sheer height of the run had been daunting. Z went on to practice on the blue slopes, backward skiing and ski jumps.

He was a great kid to ski with, even acted as ski guide for some adults and always waited up for me. He even taught X partially and led X through ski runs. A 7-year old leading a 4-year old? Pretty awesome in my opinion!

I told Z that I would get him a private instructor for the steeper slopes and stunts if we ski next year and he was game.


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