X the expert, junior skier

I thought I was biased but after 3 days of seeing X ski, I had to admit he was very good. X, only 27 days short of turning 4 years’, skied exceedingly well. A few months’ ago, when X was sent for rollerblading lessons, our friend commented that X had a great sense of balance.

By the time we got to 3rd of skiing for X, he was zigzagging and executing perfect parallel turns.

My jaw dropped.

This was a kid who bailed out on his first ski class in Rusutsu a year ago. This was a kid who cried his way through his children class at Tomamu a few days earlier. Even the instructors deemed him too young to learn and listen to instructions. X refused to learn how to wear his skis or do an “A” stop. His stance was skiing was about moving, not stopping. Hence, we had no choice but to take him with us.

On the first day, Mr H had to hold him to ski like what we did a year ago. I was mad with X for refusing to attend class so I told X that he had to learn how to stop and could not rely on his daddy. 

On the second day, Mr H taught him and after 2 magic carpet runs, we took him to the beginner slope where he amazed us by actually knowing how to stop.

On the third day, he did longer runs and even went up to Tower Express which boasted of a taller vertical and longer run. 

By the fourth day, he was able to zigzag and even cleared the Nipo forest, a winding and narrow forest trail (without falling).

If I had been impressed with Z’s mastery of skiing at 6 years’ old, I was in awe of X’s mastery.

These are my 2 little skiers.

Henceforth, I ranked as the slowest skier of the family officially.

It was a good thing the boys took after their dad, instead of their mom. 


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