Mid-holiday thoughts

As I pened this, we were in the middle of our holiday. Weather had been freezing, so I caught a cold. In between the drippy nose from both falling sick and cold weather, my body was aching all over from skiing.

But the trip had been fun!!

Our holiday was split largely into 3 segments:

– Tokyo (Gotemba & City area)

– Hokkaido (Tomamu)

– Hokkaido (Sapporo, Niseko, Lake Toya)

This was the first time we were holidaying with so many families and the kids had a blast.

They were chatting and playing the whole time. It was good for the adults too.

I still loved Tomamu for the convenience of skiing with young children, despite the inflexibility, the lack of ample instructors and language barrier.

View of the class slope from room 

We also noted a surge in the number of Singaporean families at the resort. 

The ski-in ski-out access was unbeatable. 

I knew I said we would not come back to Hokkaido to ski again, but 🤔…  maybe we would just avoid the peak season. 


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