Bye to 2016, Hi 2017

I still honestly felt that 2016 was a pretty new year to me. It had been pretty surreal signing off dates in 2016, more so when 2017 hit.

Generally speaking, 2016 had been a fun year. I gained new friendships, strengthened some and repaired one. I also learned the hard knocks of being overly trusting and to let go of what’s to be let go. Perhaps a cryptic statement but letting go made life a lot easier in terms of expectations.

Family wise, the general health of some people around me had not been ideal. It would be lovely if they could recover. I still thanked my lucky stars that my immediate family members had been alright. I wished they would stay safe and healthy. 

2016 had been a wild ride, a hectic ride and most importantly, a fun ride. It’d been so busy that I hardly have time to blog properly, even for this reflection piece.

In 2017, I might slow down, or try to slow down. I might blog less because playtime is on the up. 

Till then, happy new year and may all of our 2017 be better than the previous years.


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